Open Source is winning

I recently heard an interesting story about a large FreeRADIUS deployment. The company started using FreeRADIUS a number of years ago after some investigation into alternatives. One commercial solution would have been over a million dollars, which seemed a bit much. When they chose FreeRADIUS, their partners responded with “Oh, no! You're using Open Source? That's not good!”.

Their partners were, of course, using commercial solutions.

Today, all of their partners are using FreeRADIUS. Things change.

When I talk to people, the attitude now is “Of course you're using FreeRADIUS.” On top of that, FreeRADIUS is setting standards in the RADIUS space. Switch vendors are pushing to add more features to the server, such as WiMAX.

Honestly, I don't see an end in sight. The server will continue to get more useful, more powerful, and will continue to increase its market share and its industry leadership.